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People counting Occupancy monitoring system people control system

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Please check below video for a brief introduction, more details is below the video.


Recently, as the epidemic spreads all over the world, more and more public places (such as schools, corporate buildings, shops, shopping centers, hospitals, public toilets, etc.) are needed to limit the number of entrances and exits. Therefore, our company has added many new Functions to our hot-selling traffic counting devices: for example, limiting the number of people entering and leaving, displaying the number of current stays on a large screen, and also providing functions such as sound and light alarms and flashing.

We use 3D Automated passenger counter camera and WIFI IR Beam people counter to count data :




Below is working Principle for prevent Overcrowding inside the room.


Set this system with a smartphone ( andriod or ios)


Exceed the number of people staying, the display screen number changes color

(Can customize company name, logo and limited number of people)



WIFI IR Beam people counter 



Give us 7 days, we'll give you a perfect solution!

Click below picture for our People Counting series: