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  • AM निष्क्रियकर्ता
  • AM निष्क्रियकर्ता

AM निष्क्रियकर्ता

विवरण: AM निष्क्रियकर्ता 

सामाग्री: प्लास्टिक प्याड

परिमाण: 250 * 240 * 55mm 

वजन: 2kg 

पैकिंग: 10pcs / ctn, १२kg, ००२21CBM

  • उत्पाद जानकारी

AM Deactivator installed under or on the cash counter are designed to help retailers deactivate label efficiently and effectively.

AD002 AM Deactivator Specifications: 

1. Frequency range: 58KHz+_2KHz 

2. Operating distance: up to 10 cm

3. Red LED light.

4. Operating temperature:0~45°c

5. Power sou rce: AC/AC ADAPTER,18VDC

AD002 AM Deactivator advantages: 

1. Phase Synchronous Port makes it compatible with many other AM systems.

2. Degaussing height of 8-10cm, complete demagnetization.

3. Overcurrent and overvoltage सुरक्षाmakes long सेवा जीवन.

4.  कस्टम डिजाइन गरीएको high-voltage capacitor makes it more safe and विश्वसनीय।

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