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  • Безбедносна ознака за малопродажба
  • Безбедносна ознака за малопродажба

Безбедносна ознака за малопродажба

Опис: AM Tag

димензија: 50 * 13 * 18mm

фреквенција: 58KHz / 8.2MHz

Боја: Бело, сиво или прилагодено 

Пакување: 1000 парчиња / ctn, 9KG, 0.02CBM 

  • Производ Информации

Retail security tag is used together with the pin and lanyard to attach to the goods. When the theft take the goods and pass the eas antenna, AM tag will trigger the alarm. 

Retail security tag is widely used for clothes, hats and so on, as below picture shows. 
























Metal pin, plastic pin and lanyard can be used with retail security tag. 

Retail security tag is opened by magnetic detacher.


All kinds of EAS tags with different shape, color, frequency are available in Highlight.



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