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  • Ознака на ЕАС

Ознака на ЕАС

Опис: Ознака на ЕАС

димензија: 52 * 43мм 

фреквенција: 8.2MHz/EM  

Боја: Black, white, gray or customized 

Пакување: 1000 ЕЕЗ / КТН, 12КГ, 0.034СБМ 

  • Производ Информации

EAS tags are reusable security tags and must be removed at the cashier by eas detacher. Once deactivated and removed, they are saved for future application to merchandise, and then reactivated.

H002 EAS tag is with RF 8.2MHz frequency. The Q-factor is 102.  And EAS tag is opened by magnetic detacher. 

EAS tag is widely used in store to protect clothing, hats, bags and so on. It can be used together with EAS accessories, such as pins, lanyards.



There are different EAS Tags in Highlight, different shape, different color, different frequency.



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  • Факс: +-86 21 52353906-
  • Е-пошта: hy@highlight86.com
  • Адреса: Соба 818-819-820, зграда Б, Св. Ноа, бр. 1759, патот Јиншаџијанг, округ Путуо, Шангај, Кина.