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  • B015 EAS Bottle Cap
  • B015 EAS Bottle Cap

B015 EAS Bottle Cap

Опис: EAS Bottle Cap 

Димензија: Φ32 * 42mm

Фреквенција: 58 KHz/ 8.2 MHz/ EM

Боја: Сиво/бело или прилагодено

Заклучи: Магнетно заклучување

Пакување: 200 парчиња/ctn, 8 килограми, 0.0336 CBM

  • Производ Информации

B015 EAS bottle cap is designed for securing the bottle tag. At the same time, EAS bottle cap can also protect theft from drinking the wine.

The detail of eas bottle cap as below:

1. Unique design minimizes damage to foil packaging.

2. Simple twist action to apply, with quick & easy one handed operation for fast removal at the till.

3. Compatible with most magnetic detachers, no unique detacher required.

4. Low shelf presence, adding only 2mm to bottle height.

5. Clear Cap to enable product branding to be clearly visible through the cap. 



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