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  • SL002 Stop Lock
  • SL002 Stop Lock

SL002 Stop Lock

Description: Stop lock

lafiny: 39 * 19 * 18mm

Ny lanjan'ny lavaka: 4.5 / 6mm

Olana: Fanidiana andriamby

Color: Mena na namboarina 

fonosana: 1000pcs / ctn, 8KG, 0.019CBM 

  • Product Info

Stop lock mainly used for locking the end of the shelf hook to avoid people to move the merchandise out of the hook.

It is for display sales of big malls, chain shops, exhibition places, digital shops, etc. Stop lock not only has wonderful display effect, but also can avoid theft & damage.

SL002 Stop lock is for single display hook. Its size can be 4.5, 6mm hook. Color is customized. The magnetic key is D016. 

There are 6 models stoplock in Highlight now. 

For single hook: SL001, SL002, SL003, SL005

For double hooks: SL004 and SL006