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  • RL010 Label manjaitra
  • RL010 Label manjaitra

RL010 Label manjaitra

Description: Sew-in Label

Frequency: 8.2MHz

lafiny: 43 * 60mm / namboarina

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Source tagging is the application of EAS security tags at the source, the supplier or manufacturer, instead of at the retail side of the chain. For the retailer, source tagging eliminates the labor expense needed to apply the EAS tags themselves, and reduces the time between receipt of merchandise and when the merchandise is ready for sale. For the supplier, the main benefit is the preservation of the retail packaging aesthetics by easing the application of security tags within product packaging. Source tagging allows the EAS tags to be concealed and more difficult to remove.
Ny fampiharana haingam-pandeha haingam-pandeha EAS, mifanaraka amin'ny fizotran'ny fonosana ara-barotra, dia natao tamin'ny alàlan'ny fanovana ireo mpangataka marika mora tohina amin'ny tsindry ary novolavolain'i Craig Patterson (Knoxville, Tennessee), voalohany ho an'ny cartridges pirinty Hewlett Packard. Androany, ny entan'ny mpanjifa dia voamarika amin'ny haingam-pandeha miaraka amin'ny marika EAS tafiditra ao anaty fonosana na ilay vokatra mihitsy. 

RF Sew-in label is a kind of soucing tag for cloth. The material, size, printing for sew-in label is cusomized. AM sew-in lable is also availble in Highlight.