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  • RL034 RF sticker
  • RL034 RF sticker

RL034 RF sticker

Description: RF Soft Label

lafiny: 3 * 4cm 

Frequency: 8.2MHz / 9.5MHz 

Color: Barcode, fotsy, mainty

fonosana: 20000pcs / ctn, 10KG, 0.025CBM

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RF Sticker Specifications   
Top Side: Barcode/ White/ Black/ Transparent/ Customized
Circuit Side: White
Antenna Size (MD×TD): 30 × 40mm
Tape Width(Transverse Direction): 42/ 45/ 72mm
Tape Pitch(Machine Direction): 42/ 45/ 72mm
Substrate: 20μm
Inductor Side: Aluminium,55μm
Capacitor Side: Aluminium,20μm
Max. Thickness: 200μm
adhesive: Adhesive miempo mafana
Shelf life of 2 years if stored at: 10°to 25(50°to 70)and 35% to 65% RH
Temperatura amin'ny serivisy: -40°to 60(-40°to 140)
Temperature fampiharana: above 0°(32)
Resonance matetika: 8.2MHz (±3%)
Effective Signal Volume: 2000cm3
Quality Factor: Q70
Deactivation Field strength: 0.9A/m—1.5A/m
Halaviran'ny asa: up to 1.5m(5ft.)in Gate Configuration
Standard Packing Format  
Quantity per Roll: 1000pcs
Halavan'ny horonana: 41m
Roll Diameter outer: φ<145mm
Cardboard Core Diameter inner: 76.2mm
Box Packaging(Rolls): 20 Rolotsaka
Box Packaging(Labels): Marika 20000
Box Gross weight: 11kg
Haben'ny boaty: 31 31 × × 23cm

* Q-factor is depending on climate conditions and on type of Q-factor measuring eqipment used.
   Due this numerous factors affecting these results, we offer this information without quarantee.
   All technical details are subject to technical modification without prior notice.

The size, color, shape of RF sticker is customized. 4x4cm, 3x4cm, 3x3cm is popular. The shape of RF sticker can be square and round. Thermal paper for RF sticker is also availble in Highlight: