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  • HPC005 Manisa olona infrared
  • HPC005 Manisa olona infrared

HPC005 Manisa olona infrared

Size: 65 * 60 * 25mm

Wireless connection to the data receiver

3-40 meters range or more

Battery: up to 1.5 year(replaceable battery)

Network available 

Directional data: in, out and stay data.

Very detailed & summarized analysis chart

GPRS transmission available 

Suitable for chain stores ( unlimited number)

WinXP/Win2000/Win7 system support

  • Product Info

Please watch below video for a brief introduction of HPC005:


HPC005 People Counting is the most advanced infrared people counter in China. It is accurate, reliable, easy to install, low maintenance, and very affordable. Many retailers, libraries, museums, and other businesses are taking advantage of the many benefits these systems provide. Virtually any type of business can benefit from the data our People Counting provide.


Retailers are using our People Counting to determine sales to customer ratios and peak customer traffic times from an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly perspective.


Libraries are choosing our People Countings, because they provide a very affordable solution for automatic counting of their visitors during a certain period of time. Some libraries are even using our wireless people counting system and software package to keep track of their peak hours for operational purposes.


Advantages for HPC005 Manisa ny olona

1. LCD efijery

  Data is also shown on LCD screen directly, in and out data.


2. Wider range

  It can be used for a gate with 1-40 metatra.


3. Battery capacity

  AA battery which we offer can work up to 1.5 year. Customers can replace it by themselves, or buy from us. General 1.5V-3.6V AA batteries are workable.

4. Strong anti-light ability.

  Greatly decrease the counting error affected by light, so higher accuracy rate.


5. Strong glass (door) penetrating ability

  It can work well behind an open glass door. So no limit about the door.


6. More confidential data transfer

  TX-RX transfer data to Data Receiver is strongly encrypted, so more safer.


7. Bika Aman 'endrika

   HPC005 people counter is more fashionable.

  Screws used for installation are hidden in the back of counter and looks more beautiful.


8. Panel

  Panel can be printed with any logo or design.


9. Obstacle indication

  If the infrared ray is blocked, there will be indication on the LED screen and the red light on the RX will keep flashing. 


10. LED Display is possible

  You could show the data on a outside LED display. A protocol is supported for this. 




There are two softwares for HPC005. 


1. Stand alone software. 

This is free and used in single store. The report chart as below: 


2. Network software

With the network software, you can check all the data collected from different chain stores and compare them. 


The below is the analysis chart from one of our customer’s Chain stores, the customer can visit all store’s data at anywhere.

(the English version software will be all in English)

With network software, you can also check the data by your phone. 

Highlight people counter has been used in different kinds of stores: 


Ny fanasongadinana dia iray amin'ireo mpanamboatra voalohany indrindra ho an'ny olona mpanohitra ao Shina. Namolavola kaontera infrared people tamin'ny volavolan-dalàna izahay, ary avy eo dia notohizinay mba hanohanana ny vokatra tsara kokoa ho an'ny mpanjifanay. Ankehitriny, ho an'ny mpanohitra infrared dia 95% ny tahan'ny fahamarinana. 


To meet different requirements from customers, camera people counter is ready now. High accuracy rate, easy installation, detailed report chart, can be integrated into POS/ ERP system, 24 hours on-line support make it really popular now.


We have designed people counter solutions for many stores, such as China Telecom, Sony electronic store, iPhone store, Lego and BMW exhibition and so on. 


Now, we are searching agency all over the world. For our agency, there are many privilege of price, tech support and so on. 


Tongasoa eto aminay! 


Different models of people counter for different stores:


If you are looking for a camera people counter, please click the below picture for details: