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  • HD001-1  Hand held Metal Detector
  • HD001-1  Hand held Metal Detector

HD001-1 Hand held Metal Detector

HD001-1 Hand held Metal Detector

Power: 9V Standard or Rechargeable Battery( 270mW)

Ny fandidiana matetika: 22KHz

Mandeha ankehitriny: < 50mA

Sparkline: 7-9V

Recharging Voltage: 12V DC na 9V AC

Operating Temperature: -5 ℃ to + 55 ℃

Lanja afa-karatsaka: 411g

Dimensions: 410mm (L) * 85mm (W) * 45mm (H)

fonosana: 20pcs / baoritra, 13.4KG, 0.067CBM

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The rechargeable hand held metal detector HD001-1 is a high performance Hand Held Metal Detector designed to meet the exact requirements of the security industry. Typical uses will include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control, airport and border security, checking parcels and letters for metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected.

HD001-1 Hand held Metal Detector details: 

Power 9V(6F22)
Fampandehanana matetika 22KHz
Operate Current <50mA
Operate Voltage 7V-9V
famantarana Visual: Red / Green LED Sound: Speaker or Earphone;(Earphone not included)
Fanaraha-maso On/off Switch; Fahatsapana ambany Switch Sensitivity Adjuster
Avo fahatsiarovan-tena 15mm amin'ny Pin; 45mm amin'ny USD 25 Cent
Fahatsapana ambany Detector only respond to bigger metal
zavatra toy ny basy tanana, antsy, sns.
Fanondranana fonosana 25 Pieces isaky ny baoritra 0.089CBM
NW 10.3KG ;GW 16.5KG
Dimension of Unit 41(L) X 8.5(W) X 4.5(H)cm
Weight of Unit 409G
Color Black
Attachment for free Holster
Attachment for order Batterie à batterie


Security check: Avoid carrying contraband, such as knives, guns, etc.

Factory: Avoid valuables losing

Education: Avoid cheating, prevent from carrying cheating tools, such as phones, electronic dictionary, etc, when examine. 

singa fototra:

(1) A belt mountable holster                                                                 

(2) bateria                                                           

Halavan'ny fahitana:

Pin: 30-60mm

64 model hand gun: 150mm

6 inch long knife: 160mm

Diameter 20mm Steel ball: 90mm                                                       


Power Voltage: 9V Standard or Rechargeable Battery

Hery: 270mW

Frequency miasa: 22KHz

Operating ankehitriny: <50mA

TOSIKARAT miasa: 7V-9V

Operating Temperature: -5C° to +55C°