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  • EM Soft Label
  • EM Soft Label

EM Soft Label

Description: Available to METO, and other EM system 

lafiny: 1cm-any length

Material: Iron and cobalt 

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Technical Parameters for 16.5cm EM Strip

  1. External dimensions

Halavany: 165mm,

Lengthening 9.5mm on both ends

Width: 4mm±0.1mm

  1. Inner Chip Dimension:width:1.5mm±0.01mm
  2. New cobalt-based magnetic materials makes that it will be never rust, charging sufficiently and easily, demagnetization completely, high stability, and the performance of the magnetic strip won’t be affected by using frequently.
  3. Thickness for chips only: ≤ 0.26mm ( without the surface release film )
  4. The bare magnetic chip is in the middle of magnetic strip.
  5. EM strip uses double-sided glue. There’s no need to brush coating or use another adhesive tape when stick it to the books. Strong glue viscosity makes it not easy to be tore and fall off. Environmentally friendly glues are harmless to health and papers.
  6. The light band of EM strip is in line with degaussing sheet. And the distance between each chip is same. It has stable performance in magnetizing and degaussing. Degaussing chip is made of imported material.
  7. Ultrathin enhanced length strip makes it hard to be found in the books and periodicals.
  8. Another layer of white pulp paper hidden in the strip makes the strip is not easily to be found even someone tears the book, which multiplies the elusive.

10. The raw material has no phenyl ate, so it’s not harmful for human body.

11. The mucilage glue is made of neutral eco-friendly material. It is real green EM strip and will not cause the embrittlement and yellowing of the paper;

12. It can be reactivated by unlimited times. To reduce false alarm, the signal of EM strip is always up to 100%;

13. The whole part of EM strip is soft. If the strip is bended, it will not cause strip embrittlement and magnetic sheet falling and other conditions.

14. The deactivation sheet of EM strip is more than 10 pieces.

15. EM strip is ROHS certification approved and without harmful ingredients for human body.