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AM Deactivator

Description: AM Deactivator 

Material: Kitapo plastika

lafiny: 250 * 240 * 55mm 

Weight: 2kg 

fonosana: 10pcs / ctn, 21kg, 0.012CBM

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What is AM deactivator?

The AM deactivator board is used with the antenna and the soft label, and is widely used in supermarkets,

Retail stores, and large shopping malls.

AM Deactivator napetraka eo ambanin'ny na eo amin'ny kaontim-bola dia natao hanampiana ireo mpivarotra hanala ny marika amin'ny fomba mahomby sy mahomby.

The AM deactivator  is generally placed near the cashier, which is convenient for employees to use


Advantage and Specifications of AM deactivator

Fast decoding to improve work efficiency and customer satisfaction,High sensitivity, support 15M height decoding

Small size, easy to use and place,Durable

1. Phase Synchronous Port makes it compatible with many other AM systems.
2. Degaussing height of 15cm, complete demagnetization.
3. Over current and overvoltage protection makes long service life.
4. Custom designed high-voltage capacitor makes it more safe and reliable.



How to use the AM deactivator?

Put the soft label side of the product close to the board to decode. When the deactivator emits a sound, the decoding is successful.

Please watch the following video for the specific operation method


Package of AM Label Deactivator

32.5 * 26.5 * 11CM 

Weight: 2kg

Fonosana: 10pcs / ctn, 21kg, 0.012CBM




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