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  • AL001 Asongadino ny marika famantarana AM
  • AL001 Asongadino ny marika famantarana AM

AL001 Asongadino ny marika famantarana AM

Description: Soft label AM Sticker AM label

lafiny: 44.5 * 11.1 * 2mm

Frequency: 58KHz

Color: Barcode, fotsy, mainty

fonosana: 20000pcs / ctn, 13kg, 0.043CBM

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What i AM sticker label?

Highlight  AM sticker label can be deactivable (disposable) or non-deactivable (usable) label. 

The color for AL001 Highlight AM sticker  label can be barcode (fake), white and black. 

Low-price AM labels are available in a wide range of standard and custom styles and are available in sheets to accommodate retailers with source-tagging and other in-store product protection requirements. 





Specification of AM soft label 

Description                            AM soft label                                                         
lafiny 45.5 * 11.1 * 2mm
Frequency 58khz
toetra Compatible with all EAS system
MOQ 20000pcs
fonosana 20000pcs / baoritra, 13KG, 0.043CBM




Usually AM LABEL is attached to the product to prevent it from being stolen

Rehefa mandoa ny faktiora ny mpanjifa, dia hampiasa ny deactivator ny mpiasa hamadika izany




Where to be used?

Normally AM label is used for the plastic bottle products and all kinds paper box items in Retail shops,Supermarkets etc 




Certificate of AM label




Fampisehoana orinasa




1. Q: How about the color on the AM label? 
    A: 3 colors: barcode, black and white.
2. Q: Can we scan the barcode on the AM label to get product info such as price, name...?
    A: No. It is fake barcode on the label. 
3. Q: How about the package of EAS AM label? 
    A: 108Pcs/ sheet, 186 sheets one carton. 
4. Q: What is the difference of deactivable label and non-deactivable AM label
    A: Deactivable label is disposable (one-time used). Non-deactivable label is reusable and often sticked in safer boxes.
5. F: Inona ny MOQ anao?
    A: Ny habetsahana rehetra dia azo ekena amin'ny baiko. Ary ny vidiny dia azo ifampiraharahana amin'ny be dia be.