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  • AM005 AM porta
  • AM005 AM porta

AM005 AM porta

ratio: * * 159.5 43 12cm

frequency: 58KHz

Material: Wood

Voltage: 220 / 110V

Currus mole; * * 170 50 17cm

sarcina: 1pcs / CTN, 22.5kg, 0.1CBM

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AM005 AM Gate can be TX-RX and MONO antenna as your requirement. It is made by wood. 

AM gate has a strong anti-interference ability and excellent detection oerferance. The installation is very easy - Plug and play. 

AM Gate Quick Guide

The Electronic Board

TX tabula (transfusor)



Ante institutionem, placere note:

  1. The frequency is 58KHz.
  2. The distance between TX and RX antennas depends on the tags and labels you use.(Normally, for 55mm pencil tag, 0.5m-2m, for AM DR label, 0.5m-1.4m.)
  3. Individual power supply is needed.

Step 1. Connect TX and RX board by cable

Step 2. Power them.

Details as below picture shows:


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