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  • Milk Can Tag
  • Milk Can Tag

Milk Can Tag

Description: Large Milk Can Safer

Сырткы көлөм: 144 * 52mm           

Ички көлөм: 125 * 28mm

Frequency: 8.2MHz/58KHz/both 

упаковка: 100pcs / ctn, 17KG, 0.09CBM 

  • Продукт Info

Milk Can Tag

Milk Can tags are ideal for milk powder cans, sports equipment, and some power tools. Of course it is very visual theft deterrent. The milk can tag can be Locked up with a steel core.

The smart design makes it easier for customer to use and check the date of production.

Different dimensions for different cans. What’s more, we also designed the disposable mill can tag.