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  • HPC009  Overhead retail store people counter
  • HPC009  Overhead retail store people counter

HPC009 Overhead retail store people counter


1. Unparalleled technology

2. RS485/RS232/RJ45

3. Environment-reference

4. Human-detection

5. Route-creation

6. To count total traffic, in-out-stay data, the average residence time,

the number of people on each floor, traffic density all positions.

7. To count traffic, sales volumes, deal number, the rate of purchase

and then buildand export an EXCEL file.

8. Daily, monthly and yearly data can be compared and exported in

different form for your analysing and integrating


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HPC009 Overhead retail store people counter uses the most advanced tech and the accuracy can be 95-98%.

The installation of camera people counting is "Plug and play".


We support customer-flow analysis for retail industry, gallery, park, scenic spots, transportation junction,

Crowded square, bus and so on


With HPC009 Overhead retail store people counter , You will get:

High accuracy customer-flow data

Detailed data report chart

Real-time customer flow on every floor

Any change of the customer-flow data and average data

How many people in shop now

Customer-flow density at different locations

Average stay time of visitors

The rate of purchase

Data can be exported in different form for analyzing and integrating

The data can be integrated into POS/ ERP system easily


Installation -- Plug and play



1. RJ45 тармак интерфейси

Via RJ45 interface, clienttool program views or sets working status

And operates parameters. At the same time, HPC009 counter submits passenger flow data to the designated server

In real time through RJ45 network interface.

2. Курамдуу видео чыгаруу интерфейси

Can be connected with vehicle-mounted display to visually display passenger counting results.

Can also be connected with vehicle-mounted video recorder to save the passengers dynamic video of getting-on and

Getting-off in real time.

3. RS485 интерфейси же RS232 интерфейси

Үчүнчү жактын жабдуулары үчүн маалымат чалууларды жүргүзүү үчүн бир тараптуу RS485 же RS232 менен камсыз кылат, ылдамдыгын жана байланыш ID кодун ыңгайлаштырат.







Software installation with Server box :

Server box is used for HPC009 from our company to export the data report, adjustment. It can deploy an

Independent statistical system quickly and be connected with 40 sets people counter at most.




The service interface of the serve box

There are two ways to connect to the serve box, and the different connection methods access the serve box

With different addresses:

1、 WIFI connection

When the HPC009  people counter is connected to the WIFI network of the serve box directly, please configure

The server address of the people counter to:


When the mobile phone uses the WIFI network of the serve box to access the statistical report of the serve box,

And access the with the mobile browser.


2、 Internet connection

When the HPC009 peoplecounter is connected to the data box through the network cable using the WIFI router,

The IP address is automatically assigned by DHCP. Please bind the IP address of the serve box first.