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  • EAS Бөтөлкө теги
  • EAS Бөтөлкө теги

EAS Бөтөлкө теги

Description: Mini Belt Bottle Tag 

Dimension: 35 * 29mm 

Frequency: 58KHz / 8.2MHz 

түс: Gray/white or customized 

Лок: Магниттик кулпулоо

упаковка: 500pcs/cnt, 10KG, 0.028CBM

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Want to secure the wine bottle or milk can from missing?

Want to protect expensive items such as designer bags and luggage?

Then Universal reusable bottle tag with wire is a good solution.  

The design of this kind of tags means it can be adjusted to protect many different sized items. It will secure the bottles and wrap around straps of handbags, luggage handles and even sports racquets. Moreover, one size fits most bottles.