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  • Kîrê Can Spider Wrap
  • Kîrê Can Spider Wrap

Kîrê Can Spider Wrap

Terîf: Kîrê Can Spider Wrap 

Mezinahiya derveyî: 142 * 68mm           

Mezinahiya navxweyî: 131 * 58mm

Pircarînî: 8.2MHz / 58KHz / Herdu 

Reng: Grey, spî an xwerû

Dirêjahiya Lanyard: 200mm an xwerû

Awayê alarmê: 2/3 alarm 

Bixçe: 25pcs / ctn, 5.5KG, 0.033CBM

  • Agahiya Berhem

Having the products locked up in cages or showcase cabinets gave many shops a huge customer issue, which result in poor representation. Spider Wrap can help you solve that issue. The spider wrap has 4 air craft cable wires that envelope and cinch down tightly around packaged merchandise. The spider wrap sounds an alarm when someone tries to cut the cable or tempers with the merchandise.

The benefits the spider wraps provide including:

1)       Customers have a better experience as they can freely open displays

2)       Spider wrapped products is easier to merchandise on display and presents the product as intended

3)       Merchandise remains secured and risk of the theft is controlled

4)       Staff is confident that packaged merchandise remains intact and is safe pilfering

5)       Sales labour can be efficiently used to sell more product rather than serving locked displays

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