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  • EAS Detacher
  • EAS Detacher

EAS Detacher

Terîf: Detacher 

Ebat: Ф75 * 22mm

Hêza Magnîkî: ≥6000GS 

Bixçe: 100pcs / ctn, 22KG, 0.028CBM 

  • Agahiya Berhem

A detacher is used to remove re-usable hard tags. The type of detacher used will depend on the type of tag. There are a variety of detachers available, with the majority using powerful magnets. Any store that uses an anti-shoplifting system and has a detacher should take care to keep it secured such that it cannot be removed. Some detachers actually have securitys tag inside them, to alert store personnel of them being removed from (or being brought into) the store.

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