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  • AL001 Highlight  AM sticker  label
  • AL001 Highlight  AM sticker  label

AL001 Highlight AM sticker label

Terîf: Soft label AM Sticker AM label

Ebat: 44.5 * 11.1 * 2mm

Pircarînî: 58KHz

Reng: Barkod, spî, reş

Bixçe: 20000pcs/ctn, 13kg, 0.043CBM

  • Agahiya Berhem

AL001 Highlight  AM sticker label can be deactivable (disposable) or non-deactivable (usable) label. 

 The color for AL001 Highlight AM sticker  label can be barcode (fake), white and black. 

Low-price AM labels are available in a wide range of standard and custom styles and are available in sheets to accommodate retailers with source-tagging and other in-store product protection requirements. 

Specification Electrical
Frequency : 58kHz+/-300Hz
Deactivation : 100%
Operating Distance: Up to 1.6m for Dual Pedestal Sîstem.

Specifications Quality

AQL = 1.0

Materyalên çêkirinê
1. Plastic housing (Polystyrene/polyethylene 0.35mm (0.014) thickness.)
2. Resonator
3. Laminate
4. Bias
5. Nêzikî
6. Release Line 

 atic AM DR label Sensormatic AM DR label


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