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  • Мобильді қауіпсіздік дабыл стенді
  • Мобильді қауіпсіздік дабыл стенді

Мобильді қауіпсіздік дабыл стенді

Анықтама: Дабылды көрсету

Өлшем: 160 * 96 * 72mm

Материал:  ABS

Түсі:Ақшыл ақ

ұзындығы: 90cm

Қас: 3M glue/Power adapto

Артықшылықтары: Санау функциясы

  • Өнім туралы ақпарат

MDP003 Mobile Security Alarm Stand



Mobile Security Alarm Stand



Батарея сыйымдылығы




Counting Function

Yes, it can tell you how many people take the phone.

Дисплей экраны

СКД экраны


DC5V -2.5A(max)


DC5V -2.5A(max)


Android/ Apple USB cable


-10 ℃ -80 ℃



Қашықтықтан басқару

1 for every 10 sets


3М желім



1. Remove the cover of the Sticker at the bottom of the stand, and stick the stand on the table.

2. Insert the retractable sensor line in the hole at right side of the stand.

3. Remove the cover of the sticker on the stand, and stick the mobile on the stand.

Remove the small round cover of the sticker, and stick it on the front screen of mobile. Power the device. There will be sound in two times, and the LCD screen has blue light, the symbol of the phone on LCD screen goes on, it means the anti-theft function is activated successfully.

4. There will be alarm sound, the LCD screen becomes red, and the warning symbol on LCD blinks when the bottom or the cable or AP sensor disconnected.

5. Press the RET key on the remote controller to stop the alarm.

6. Counting function is for you to find which product is more popular and then make sales activity.

The biggest number is 9999. When it is full, you can press CLR key on the remote controller to reset.


Common Failures:

  1. No anti-theft function

Solution: Please confirm whether the cable is connected well; whether the phone is connected with plane well; whether the base support is level.

  1. Жалған дабыл

Solution: Please note the loose connection and stickiness of 3M becomes worse.

  1. Зарядталмайды

Solution:Please check the connection of the charging cable and use the right cable.