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  • RD003 Disattivatore RF
  • RD003 Disattivatore RF

RD003 Disattivatore RF

Biomimetic Mineral Mist RF Deactivator (Beep when deactivation is successful)

Decoding Height: Sopra 15cm

Tensione di ingresso: 220VAC ± 10%

Power Dimension: 145 * * 165 45mm

Dimensione pad: 290 * * 240 12mm

Imballaggio: 10 pezzi / ctn, 22 kg, 0.05 CBM

  • Informazioni sul prodotto

RF Deactivator installed under or on the cash counter are designed to help retailers deactivate label efficiently and effectively.

RD003 RF Deactivator Specifications: 

1. Frequency range: 8.2MHz+_1MHz

2. Operating distance: 15 cm

3. Beep when deactivation is successful

4. Operating temperature:0~45°c

5. Power source: AC/AC ADAPTER,18VDC

RD003 RF Deactivator advantages: 

1. Phase Synchronous Port makes it compatible with many other RF systems.

2. Degaussing height of 15cm, complete demagnetization.

3. Overcurrent and overvoltage protectionmakes long service life.

4.  Custom designed high-voltage capacitor makes it more safe and reliable.

5. One power supply with two pads, more economical.