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  • R001 RF System
  • R001 RF System

R001 RF System

Dimensione: 151 * 38 * 12.5cm

Frequenza: 8.2MHz


voltaggio: 220/110VCarton

dimensione:156.5 * 47 * 13.5cm

Imballaggio: 1pc/ctn, 22KG, 0.1CBM

  • Informazioni sul prodotto

R001 RF System is made of acrylic. Highlight RF system is made by advanced technology (DSP), digital model distinguish technology (ADD/ RF), AGC control technology and QF scanning technology, with high sensitivity, excellent anti-interference ability and suitable for all of the RF 8.2MHz/ 10MHz EAS accessories. 

Electronic Board Introduction

  1. TX board (transmitter)


2.  RX board (receiver)




Prima dell'installazione, si prega di notare:

a. The frequency is 8.2MHz.

b. The distance between TX and RX antenna depends on the tags and labels you use. Normally, for large square tag, 0.5m-2m, for 4x4cm label, 0.5m-1.4m.

c. RF system should be at least 1 meter far away from big metal frame, elevator, cashier, the computer and so on.

d. Individual power supply is needed.


1. TX-RX connect


2. RX-TX-RX connect 


3. Sincronizzazione

Several RF systems in one entrance, all TXs should be synchronized. The JP3 in one TX board jumps to Maestro and all the others jump to Schiavi.

The detail connection as below: