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  • Stampa di etichette EAS RF
  • Stampa di etichette EAS RF

Stampa di etichette EAS RF

Biomimetic Mineral Mist Etichetta morbida RF

Dimensione: Ф4 cm 

Frequenza: 8.2MHz / 9.5MHz

Colore: Codice a barre, bianco, nero

Imballaggio: 20000 pezzi / ctn, 11.7 kg, 0.023 CBM

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What is EAS RF label ?

EAS RF label is also named EAS security tag,is an anti-theft labels,contains deactivable (disposable) RF label or non-deactivable (usable) EAS label. Normally the color of EAS soft label can be barcode, white and black.EAS RF labels are available in a wide range of standard and custom styles and are available in rolls to accommodate retailers with source-tagging and other in-store product protection requirements



Specification of EAS Security Tag 

Frequenza:8.2 MHz o 9.5 MHz

Colore:White,Barcode and Black

Deactivable:Deactivable or Non-deactivable

Imballaggio:1000pcs/roll ,20rolls/ctn




Why to use EAS Security Label?

First of all, our EAS label has a large detection width and good anti-theft effect.

Secondly, the EAS Security Label is very concealed in the process of use. It can be attached to plastic wrapping paper, bottles, and paper packaging. It is not easy to be found. While protecting the product, it will not affect consumers' shopping experience.

Third, the low price of EAS security tag greatly reduces the operating cost



How to use RF Soft Label?

RF soft label is attached on the plastic products ,Paper box etc normally and its The matching deactivator is installed at the cashier and operated by the staff

When the customer pays the bill, the staff will use the deactivator to decode it at the same time




More choice of RF labels

As an professional EAS supplier,we could supply you different sizes of RF labels to protect your different items




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