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Lýsing: Security Display Hook

Lengd: 150/180 / 240mm eða sérsniðin

Í boði fyrir: Groove Plate / Hole Plate

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Security display hook is used for display sales of Blister and packaging commodities. 

It has wonderful display effect, which can beatify the products arrangements. Besides, it can avoid theft & damage. The product is widely seen in high-end stores and big malls to display lots of commodities like headphones, batteries, books, medicines, cosmetics, mold & die parts, bags and LED etc.

It can be perfectly applicable to digital stores, cell phone stores, bookstores, pharmacies, auto accessories stores, shopping malls, exhibition places, branded chain stores, experience stores, image stores, and flagship stores. etc.

Security Display Hook is installed on the slatwall or pegboard. The length of security display hook is 150cm, 180cm, 240cm and customized. 

There are 5 models in Highlight for different slatwall and pegboard, please check the below picture for more details: