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  • HPC015S WIFI  IR Beam people counter
  • HPC015S WIFI  IR Beam people counter

HPC015S WIFI IR Beam people counter

Dimension: 75*50*23mm

Data checking: Mobile /PC 

Connection: Wifi

Battery: AA battery

Data: Directional in-out data

Color: Black or White

Tech: infrared beam

LCD screen: available

  • Product Info

HPC015S  infrared people counter (WIFI version) is small-sized and battery-powered.

Parameter settings and data browsing can be done through a smartphone.

HPC015S network software people counter (Wifi version) checking data from head office server by PC,

computer,Laptop,Mobile no matter when and where.

Mainly used for counting human traffic in and out stay, installation place have no computer and power supply

also will be suitable.

 HPC015S  infrared  people counter (WIFI version)

1.  Package Contents

Opening the packing box, there are a RX (receiver), a TX (transmitter), two rechargeable lithium batteries,

a charger, double-sided tapes, two mounting brackets and a small wrench.

2: Installation of Cover Plate

There is a cambered notch at the top of receiver and transmitter. Use the thumbs of both hands to press

the cover plate and the base, then open the cover plate carefully. After the installation and settings are finished,

the cover plate can be buckled on.


3:  Introductions of Receiver Panel

4: The Usage of Charger

When the battery remaining capacity is low, please use the matched charger to charge it.

The maximum charging process takes about 6 hours. The green indicator light is on after the battery is fully charged.

The charger can charge two lithium batteries at the same time. The “+” on battery should toward the direction of indicator light.


5:Configuration of Receiver

You need to prepare a smartphone with WIFI function to complete the configuration, 

Switch the contents of display screen to "Keep press to AP" interface, long press for 5 seconds until the screen shows "Running"

and the countdown time. Open the WLAN of smartphone, search WIFI network,

you can find a network hotspot named for "People Counter", then join the network and make sure the network connection is successful.

 6: Data Browsing

Click “DATA LIST” button in login page, then you can browse the total daily data in the last 30 days and the total monthly data in the last 12 months. You can clear today’s data by clicking “Clear” button.


The data on display screen will be cleared automatically before the open time every day. The total in and out data from open time to close time will be displayed, and the data will not be affected by battery replacement.

 HPC015S network software people counter (Wifi version)

Have 2 sensors+ batteries+ Little Server device,connect with sensor inside Wifi, head office checking data no matter when and where 

Network software