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  • HPC002 Electronic Visitor Counter
  • HPC002 Electronic Visitor Counter

HPC002 Electronic Visitor Counter


110V or 220V AC input

Easy data retrieval by date or by hour or by month..etc

500 hours memory

11.5 inch blue screen LCD display

Wireless non-directional

1-7 meters' distance

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Our Electronic Visitor Counter are accurate, reliable, easy to install, low maintenance, and very affordable. Many retailers, libraries, museums, and other businesses are taking advantage of the many benefits these systems provide. Virtually any type of business can benefit from the data our People Counting systems provide.

Retailers are using our Electronic Visitor Counter to determine sales to customer ratios and peak customer traffic times from an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly perspective.

Libraries are choosing our Electronic Visitor Counter, because they provide a very affordable solution for automatic counting of their visitors during a certain period of time. Some libraries are even using our wireless people counting system and software package to keep track of their peak hours for operational purposes.


*Compact and light weight (87*59*27mm,65.4g)

 *Easy data retrieval by date or by hour or by month…etc

 *Counter Management via Windows, no extra software required people counting

 *1.15 inch blue screen LCD display makes it easy on the eyes

 *Internal memory capable of storing for up to 500 hours(Per hour per entry)

*Replaceable battery operated for a truly wireless installation

*Counts across span up to 5-7 meters, best performance at 3-4 meters

*Integrated mounting set or optional ABS plastic seat

*Setting &preferences are managed locally by key board on the counter

*LCD screen background-light turn-on/off when only people access

*Power on/off timer for long battery life

*Lower battery indicator on LCD screen

*Two languages for operation(English/Chinese)

*LED indication for weak signal

*Traffic data on desktop display for immediate inquiry

*Capable to be built into EAS Antenna to work together with system

*Tiny shape with excellent performance

*Charge available both by electrify and battery 


Easy Report Chart: 

Our Electronic Visitor Counter has been used in different kinds of stores: 

Highlight is one of earliest supplier of customer counter in China. We developed infrared customer counter in the begining, and then kept to update it to

support a better products to our customers. Now, for infrared customer counter, the accuracy rate can be 95%. 

To meet different requirement of customers, camere people counter is ready now. High accuracy rate, easy installation, detailed report chart, can be intergrate

 into POS/ ERP system, 24 hours on-line support make it really popular now.

We have designed customer counter solution for many stores, such as China Telecom, Sony electronic store, iPhone store, Lego and BMW exhibition and so on. 

Now, we are serching agency all over the world. For our agency, there are many privilege of price, tech support and so on. 

Welcome to join us! 


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