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  • HPC008 Camera People Counter
  • HPC008 Camera People Counter

HPC008 Camera People Counter

1. Unparalleled technology

2. Object-tracking

3. Environment-reference

4. Human-detection

5. Route-creation

6. To count total traffic, in-out-stay data, the average residence time, the number of people on each floor, traffic density all positions.

7. To count traffic, sales volumes, deal number, the rate of purchase and then build and export an EXCEL file.

8. Daily, monthly and yearly data can be compared and exported in different form for your analysing and integrating

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What is HPC008 Camera People Counter?

HPC008 camera people counter is 2D people counting device
The hardware is simple,installed on the top of the ceilling ,and suitable for 2M width entrance
It supports wifi and ethernet both
The data will be uploaded to server in real time
Its software is free 


HPC008 Camera People Counter Advantages

Overhead installation ways

Bi-directional detection at the same one door

Plug and play use

Wi-Fi/LAN /POE available

High accuracy customer-traffic counting

Detailed data report chart

Network software for free us

No need local computer

Real-time customer flow on every floor

How many people In/Out/Stay from shop now

Any change of the customer-flow data and average data

Data can be exported in different form for analyzing

Free API for POS /ERP integration

Head office check all of branch store's data report no matter when and where


Shanghai Pudong International Airport applies our People counting Camera to the airport queuing system



HPC008 People Counting Camera Software

Our People counting camera is equipped with free software, which is a server software, and the software needs to be installed on the server.

During the software installation process, if there are any problems, we will provide free remote services to assist in the installation.

During the use of the equipment, we will provide detailed software manuals and 7*24 hours remote service



Occupancy counting System

This People counting camera, according to the current demand for limiting the number of people in publics, we have also designed current limiting software, which is also provided for free




How to install the Camera people counter?

There are a total of 6 models of this camera people counter, and different models need to be selected according to different installation heights.



People counting camera needs to be installed on the ceiling, we will provide installation accessories. As shown below:




Highlight People Counter has been used in different kinds of stores: 



People counting History in Highlight


Highlight is one of the earliest people counter supplier in China. We initially developed the Infrared people counter, and then continued to update the products to our customers,

and gradually developed 2D camera people counter, 3D people counting camera, Bus passenger counter and AI people counter etc.

Our People counter system has high accuracy, easy installation, detailed reports and charts, and can be integrated into the POS system.

Now, we are searching for agents worldwide. For our agents, there are many privileges in terms of price and technical support.

Welcome to join us!



Certifications For Highlight People Counter

CE MSDS …etc. and we can apply the right one according your local market requirements.



More models to meet different requirements:

people counter