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  • HPC088 Camera Bus Passenger Counting
  • HPC088 Camera Bus Passenger Counting

HPC088 Camera Bus Passenger Counting

HPC088 Binocular Camera Bus Passenger Counter

High accuracy rate

GPR tracking

In and Out counting

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HPC088 is an automatic bus passenger counting machine with high accuracy (92% -98%), which is developed based on binocular stereo vision technology and intelligent video analysis technology. The binocular camera with artificial human eye engineering design will collect real-time passenger movement information in the door range and rapidly computes the 3D data of the target passengers through the image processor.  The 3D data includes the height and shoulder width of the target passengers and so on.The target elements which do not conform to human characteristics will be automatically filtered (such as trolleys, personal belongings, etc.). The same high-accuracy detection can be achieved in the sun or in dark environment.

There are two data interfaces for HPC088: RS232 and RS485, which makes it very convenient to be interfaced by third-party system and achieve data interaction.



Binocular Camera


Designed by artificial human eye engineering, binocular camera has built-in two-way CCD camera to capture the target 3D images and capture real-time video streamingat a speed of 25 frames per second. With anti-shake function, it is very ideal for usage in bus environment. It can automatically fill the infrared light according to ambient light intensity, which makes it can be used normally either day or night.



The binocular camera is fixed on the top of the bus door. Distance between camera and bus floor next to the door: 180-250cm. Maximum width of the door: 120cm. There’s a swivel that is easy to adjust the angle for the bus which has sloping roof.


Technical ParametersŸ of Binocular Camera 

• Power Supply: DC12V (Power is centrally supplied from image processor)

• Power: < 4.5W
• Sensor Type: CCD
• Collecting Speed: 25fps
• Infrared Fill Light: Wavelength: 850μm, automatically
• Protection Grade: IP65
• Camera: f3.0
• Angle Range of the holder: 0-60 degree, 90 degree
• Weight: 290g
• Temperature: -20 ~ 65℃



Image Processor

Image Processor has a built-in high-performance specialized DSP processor; it processes the video stream at real time in accordance with pre-set graphics algorithm, and calculates the number of passengers get on and off bus. The data is exchanged with third parties system through RS 232, RS 485 interface.


Image processor can include GGM module (optional) to enable bus GPS tracking and 3G\ 4G network, which makes a complete data acquisition, data transmission, vehicle tracking, rapid deployment features.


The image processor is mounted in the bus ceiling, and if the GGM module is used, the GPS\ GPRS antenna must be placed in the location where has well-received signal.


Image Processor Specifications

• Image processor input power: 12-35V DC

• System power consumption: ≤ 10W

• Allow voltage fluctuations: 15%

• Quantity for connectable binocular camera: 2pcs

 Maximum number of records saved: 122880 or 61440 pieces (include GPS) records

• Multi-function interface:

   4-channel CVBS real-time video input, 2-channel CVBS video input (to be switched), total 6-channel time-sharing input.

   Power Interface (DC12V output)

   RS485×1Standard serial port

   RS232×1Standard serial port

   RJ45×1Standard Ethernet port (10 / 100M adaptive)

   USB1.1×1 Universal serial Bus port (optional, not available for V2.0.6 and later versions)

   Up to 8 digital opt coupler isolated GPI input, 4 GPO relay outputs

   1 channel 4-segment raw video output and 1 channel configurable video output(OSD)

   Two switchable channels video output

   Easyto connect debug / installation interface


• Weight: 480g

• Temperature range: -20 ~ 65℃

• Relative humidity: 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)

• Cooling: Passive structural cooling



Line Connection

HPC088 provides complete special wiring harness, quick for vehicle deployment construction. 




                                                                     Binocular Camera

                                                                                              Image Processor