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  • RF Soft Label
  • RF Soft Label

RF Soft Label

description: RF Soft Label

girma: 3 * 3cm

Frequency: 8.2MHz / 9.5MHz 

Color: Barcode, fari, baki

shiryawa: 20000 inji mai kwakwalwa/ctn, 10KG, 0.025CBM

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1. Introduction of RL033 security soft tag 

Retail protection label stickers are mainly used on goods that are difficult to use hard tags.

The retail protection tag will be sanitized by the deactivator at the checkout counter after the customer pays for the item.

The larger the size of the soft label, the better the use effect, if there are thieves stealing the product and

When they pass the security antennas door, the security door will alarm,Then the staff knew there was a theft.


2. Why to use EAS label?

Usually EAS labels are used on plastic packaging bottles,paper packaging box,cartons etc.

This kind of product packaging is convenient for eas security label sticking, and it is also Convenient for concealed sticking,

Which is difficult to be found by consumers. Our EAS label has adhesive on the back.

Which is convenient for staff to stick and improve work efficiency in addition,

The unit price of the EAS label is low, which greatly reduces the operating cost

But our EAS label has a large detection width, which greatly prevents theft.


3. Application of EAS RF label

Soft plactic label is a strong security way for Pharmacies, beauty shops and so on.


4. What sizes and color of RF security label you can support?

Different size of RF security label is available here: 3x3cm, 3x4cm, 5x2cm, 5x5cm and so on. 

The shape can be square, round, triangle. 

Normal color for RF security label is white, black or barcode (fake).

Customized color or printing is also available. 



5.FAQ for RF label

Q: How many years have you been in this business? 
A: We started the business in year 2006 and we provide different products for retail which are manufactured by Professoional and ISO certificated 

Q: How can I get some rf label samples ?

A: An girmama mu don ba ku samfurori, yawancin abubuwa suna da kyauta, don Allah kada ku yi jinkiri don tuntuɓar mu.

Tambaya: Menene sabis na bayan-sayar ku?

A: All our eas label warranty period is 1 year.

Q: What is your MOQ for the rf labels?

A: Ana karɓar kowane adadi don odar ku. Kuma farashin negotiable ga babban yawa.

Q: When will you make the delivery of these eas labels?

A: We can make the delivery within 3-15 working days according to the quantity of your order normally
Some regular size security tags are in stock and ready to ship


6.Factory show 

7.Please click the below photo for EAS supermarket electronic label