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  • RF Optical Tag
  • RF Optical Tag

RF Optical Tag

girma: 61 * 16 * 24mm 

Frequency: 58KHz/8.2MHz

Color: Baƙi ko na musamman 

Kulle: Mechanical

key: OPR001 mechanical key 

shiryawa: 1000 inji mai kwakwalwa/ctn, 11KG, 0.025CBM

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* Brief introduction of O006 EAS Optical tag for glasses

O006 EAS Optical tag provides maximum protection for glasses without affecting the appearance

And shopper experience.

This lightweight and inconspicuous AM Optical tag is neatly placed on the side arm of the glasses

And the main body of the glasses can be presented outside, which allows customers to try on various

Glasses without interference.

In addition, this anti-theft Security EAS RF AM Optical tag can be reused and can be adjusted to

Make it suitable for different sizes and narrow spectacle glasses brackets .

This anti-theft glasses EAS Optical tag has two technologies:AM and RF.

Working together with the corresponding anti-theft system.This can effectively avoid and prevent theft.




* Advantages of Security EAS RF AM Optical tag for glasses

1:Excellent detection performance

2:High quality material: new durable ABS material with smooth surface.

Because the durable ABS housing helps minimize tampering by potential pickpockets

3:The small and beautiful design can minimize the impact on the displayed glasses and provide a strong visual deterrent for pickpockets

4:It not only protects the glasses, but also does not affect the shopper's "try on" experience

5:Promote open marketing to increase sales, so as to replace the traditional display only on the counter.

6:Maximum security for high-theft glasses


*How to open the O006 EAS Optical tag

This is a mechanical label that can be removed from the eyeglass arm by mechanically releasing the lock.

It is reusable and once removed from the product,It can be saved for future use in other glasses.


* Application of the Security EAS RF AM Optical tag

Supermarket, retail store, eyewear store, clothing store, shopping mall, etc.


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