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  • IP015 Tawada Pin
  • IP015 Tawada Pin

IP015 Tawada Pin

description: Tawada fil

girma: 41 * 26 * 12MM 

Color: Farin launin toka ko na musamman

shiryawa: 1000 inji mai kwakwalwa/ctn, 7KG, 0.028CBM 

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Ink pin with eas hard tag equals to an ink tag. Some ink pin has coil or ferrite inside, so it can use together with an locker to protect clothing, shoes, bags, hats and so on.

Force removal will release Ink and may cause injury goods, so the goods can't be used nor sell again. 

The color, the printing is customized for ink pin.

Ink pin can be smooth or grooved pin as your requirement.  

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