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  • HPC099 Kyamara Bus Fasinja Counter
  • HPC099 Kyamara Bus Fasinja Counter

HPC099 Kyamara Bus Fasinja Counter

1: High accuracy rate and data processing

2: GPS tracking

3: In and Out counting

4: Sensor integrate with Processor into one

5: Easily installation

6:High accuracy and data processing 

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HPC099 bus passenger counter :

HPC099 is an automatic bus passenger counting machine with high accuracy (96% -98%), which is developed based on

binocular stereo vision technology and intelligent video analysis technology.

The binocular camera with artificial human eye engineering design will collect real-time passenger movement information,

In the door range and rapidly computes the 3D data of the target passengers through the image processor. 

The 3D data includes the height and shoulder width of the target passengers and so on.

Newest technology integrate sensor with processor into 1 device


Fa'idodin tura tsarin kirga fasinja: 

• Kwatanta da tabbatar da alkaluman tattara kudin tafiya da kirga fasinja 

Tabbatar da ƙididdigar fasinja don tabbatar da biyan kuɗi saboda kamfanonin sufuri 

• Tsara tsare-tsare da tsaftacewa bisa amfani da abin hawa 

• Haɓaka nauyin abin hawa a cikin yankuna, lokutan lokaci, ko wasu dalilai 

• Ingancin sabis na kulawa

•Just 1 bus door with 1 piece sensor, processor integrated 

•More faster data processing


Tsarin tsari:


 A:  In order to extend the service life of the equipment, please install the equipment 

as near as possible in the part where the bus' vibration is weak 

B: To make sure of the normal heat dissipation of the equipment, please avoid the 

poor ventilation position (such as the trunk of the vehicle) for installation, and keep 

the distance of 15 cm from other objects on the same plane of the equipment 

C: The counter should be installed horizontally. Please pay attention to waterproof, 

moisture-proof and lightning-proof when installing the equipment, and keep the vehicle 

stationary to prevent the equipment from falling and being damaged.

2. Shigar da kyamara:

a. The 3D binocular camera should be installed as perpendicular to the ground as possible, 

and the angleperpendicular to the ground can be adjusted within 15°outside of the car area is 

less than one-third or all inside the car. 

b. The distance between the camera and the door should be longer than 15cm;


the installation positioncan also refer to the position (photo as below) or it can be installed 

in the roof position (photo as below), provided that the ground height and camera height are about 2.1 meters.


II. Software Installation 

1) The HPC099 bus counter with default IP address is 

2) Interface: default value 9011 

3) Log in: Click the “Log in” button, If the login information is correct, The connection status will show that the device is connected successful.