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  • AM033 AM süsteem
  • AM033 AM süsteem

AM033 AM süsteem

Mõõt: 159 * 35 * 13cm

Materjal :akrüül 

Sagedus: 58KHz 

Pinge: 220 / 110V

Karbi suurus: 170 * 40 * 15cm

Pakend: 1 tk / ctn, 20 kg, 0.1 CBM

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AM033 AM system can be TX-RX and MONO antenna as your requirement. It is made by acrylic. 

AM system has a strong anti-interference ability and excellent detection perferance. The installation is very easy - Plug and play. 

AM system is widely used in garment store, supermarket, Pharmacy and so on. Its excellent detection performance wins many honors. 


AM System Quick Guide

Elektroonilise tahvli sissejuhatus

TX-pardal (saatja)



Enne paigaldamist pange tähele:

  1. The frequency is 58KHz.
  2. The distance between TX and RX antennas depends on the tags and labels you use.(Normally, for 55mm pencil tag, 0.5m-2m, for AM DR label, 0.5m-1.4m.)
  3. Individual power supply is needed.

Step 1. Connect TX and RX board by cable

Step 2. Power them.

Details as below picture shows:




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