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  • B002 EAS Flaschenanhänger
  • B002 EAS Flaschenanhänger

B002 EAS Flaschenanhänger

Beschreibung: EAS Flaschenanhänger 

Abmessungen: 42 * 48mm 

Frequenz: 8.2MHz 

Farbe: Gray/ white or customized 

Sperren: Magnetverriegelung

Verpackung: 250 Stück / ctn, 7 kg, 0.034 CBM 

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EAS bottle tag is a design for securing bottle tag in the store. 

The advantage for EAS bottle tag as below:

1. High defeat resistance

2. Wide Variety of attachment methods

3. Excellent detection properties

4. Visual deterrent to theft

5. Easy to remove at the point-of-sale

6. Visual deterrent to theft

7. Einfach anzuwenden