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  • Fabricant de comptadors de persones professionals
  • Fabricant de comptadors de persones professionals

Fabricant de comptadors de persones professionals

More than 16 years of experience in people counter industry

IR/2D/3D/AI/ Passenger counter bus are available for purchase

More than 20+ models of People counting systems

The People counter has ultra-high accuracy

Provide API / SDK for customers to integrate other systems

Use the latest high-tech chips for people counters

Free OEM, ODM services are available for all people counter sensors

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People counting camera

Infrared people counter

2D / 3D / AI people counting camera

API / SDK available for People counter sensors

95%+ accuracy for People counting Camera

POE support for 2D People counting camera

The People counter is easy to install and easy to operate

All types of people counter sensors are low in price and

quality guaranteed


Our infrared people counter support Wi-Fi and LAN network.

The IR People counter is easy to install and easy to operate

People counter provides stand-alone software and network

The People counter supports battery power supply, USB power

The appearance of the people counting is simple and

People counter sensor supports OEM

3D people counter

Occupancy Counter Sensor

High accuracy customer-flow data

Gràfic d'informe de dades detallat

Flux de clients en temps real a cada planta

Qualsevol canvi de les dades del flux de clients i de les dades mitjanes

How many people in shop now

Customer-flow density at different locations


Average stay time of visitors

The rate of purchase

Data can be exported in different form for analyzing and integrating

The data can be integrated into POS/ ERP system easily


Set stay people limits in Occupancy Counter software

Supply free occupancy counter software

Occupancy Counter can be Connected to LCD/LED/TV screen

Occupancy people counting system Can trigger alarming

Occupancy counting Sensor Can trigger door closing and opening

Occupancy Counters are suitable for retail stores and public

IR/2D/3D Occupancy counting Systems are all with good price

Comptador de persones amb IA

Passenger counter

Based on AI technology

This People counter maximum detection distance can reach 20M

Accuracy rate is higher than 95% automatic passenger counter

Provide API protocol based on our People counting Sensor

Local target recognition, tracking, counting for our AI people counter      

Video surveillance function based on this AI people counting sensor

AI People counting is IP65 waterproof design, support outdoor use

AI People counter support learning and calibration of specific goals

Integrated system and easy-to-install passenger counter

Accuracy rate is higher than 95% automatic passenger counter

Anti-vibration passenger counting system

Low cost but using the latest technology chip passenger flow counter

Curved design to avoid injury to passengers

One-click automatic setting Passenger counter


What is people counter?

People counter is also named as people counter sensor, people counting, customer counting, door counter, footfall counter and so on

It is mainly used for the statistics of the number of people in the retail stores, public area, and public transportations.

It belongs to electronic products, mainly including IR/2D/3D/AI people counter. People counting system will provide detailed in and out data for people to refer to

so that merchants can adjust the commercial behavior in the stores.

Why choose Highlight People counting system?

Our company is a People counter supplier integrating design and production. We have more than 17 years of sales experience in the people counter industry.

We provide various series of People counting Sensors.

People counter sensor is mainly used to count passenger flow in and out and staying, with high accuracy rate and very detailed data report

Our People counting system has more than dozens of different counter solutions suitable for various projects of customers

Our People counting system covers passenger flow counters with different counting methods such as IR/2D/3D/AI (AI People counting Camera), which can meet the different needs of customers for the People counting system.

Our People counting uses the latest technology chips, which can quickly run and process data

Our People counter can provide free API and SDK for integration

Our People counting has a favorable price and provides free basic software

Our People counter supports a 2-year warranty and provides 24/7 technical support and after-sales service.

Our People counter has sufficient inventory, which can support a set of MOQ sample testing, fast delivery within 1-2 days

L'aeroport internacional de Shanghai Pudong aplica la nostra càmera de recompte de persones al sistema de cua de l'aeroport


What types of highlight people counting system are there?

In terms of technology, there are mainly IR/2D/3D/AI people counters. Among them, Infrared people counter price is cheap and widely used in various retail stores.

2D people counting camera and 3D people counter sensor are often used for passenger flow statistics in public. 2D/3D people counting camera is with high accuracy and high-cost performance.

According to functions, there are passenger counter for bus, WIFI people counter, AI counter for vehicles, etc.


What software does your people counter have?

Highlight People counter sensor hardware is equipped with a complete software system. Most of the software is provided for free. We also provide software customization services.

Highlight people counter software can be accessed through computers and mobile phones.


What are the advantages of the highlight people counting system?

The people counting system collects and analyzes customer traffic data. These data can help you optimize staffing, improve sales methods, create value in revenue and business efficiency,and allow you to generate important insights, promote sales, increase conversion rates, and make smart marketing and spending decisions to gain more market share

In particular, since 2020, the COVID19 virus has raided the world to ensure the safety of the people. Countries call for social distancing,and it is particularly important to control visitor traffic in public places. Occupancy Counter Sensor provides you with a solution to monitor passenger flow to ensure the safety of you and others


Where is it used for Highlight people counting sensors?

People counter is mainly used in shopping malls, retail chain stores, museums, restaurants, stations, airports etc.


What certifications does the Highlight people counting system have?

CE MSDS ... etc. i podem aplicar el correcte segons els vostres requisits del mercat local.

What after-sales service does the Highlight people counting system have?

First of all, our people counter will be fully equipped with detailed installation manuals

In addition, in the convenience of software, our technical team will also provide real-time remote assistance to ensure that you can install and use it smoothly.

The warranty of all our People counting Sensors is 2 years. Such a long warranty period will solve all your worries.

In addition, our people counting will also have videos and graphic explanations to assist in teaching.


1: Are you a manufacturer or a trader of people counter equipment?

*Our company is a supplier for People counter that integrates manufacturers and traders. We have more than 17 years of People counter sensor experience in various series of People counting

2: What kind of People counting system do you have? Where can it be installed?

*We have infrared, ceiling-mounted 2D, 3D, AI and other People counting system which can be installed in various public places,

such as schools, supermarkets, exhibition halls, galleries, parks, swimming pools, libraries, museums, etc.

It can also be installed on various means of transportation, such as People counting Camera for rented cars, buses, school buses, trains, boats,


3: Can your People counter sensor meet the needs of my different solutions?

*We have more than dozens of different People counting system solutions suitable for various project needs of customers


4: Does your People counting Sensor has certification certificates?

*Our people counting system has international certifications such as CE, and we can also provide corresponding counter equipment certificates in accordance with the customer’s country and local import requirements


5: What kind of functions can your Automated Occupancy counter mainly achieve? Does it contain free software and can I view the data on my mobile phone?

*Our Occupancy counting Sensor is mainly used to count the in and out of customer traffic, the number of people staying, and provide free stand-alone software,

you can view the data in real time on the mobile phone through the login webpage


6: How long is your People counter sensor warranty? What kind of after-sales service is provided for your People counting system?

*Our Bidirectional occupancy counter warranty is at least 1 year, we provide after-sales service 24 hours a day

Including the software installation and debugging of the counter equipment, etc. Anytime you have any after-sales questions, you can always find our engineers to answer you


7: Is it possible to be agency for your Automatic passenger counter locally?

*Yes, we support the cooperation of electronic passenger counter agents and distributors. For specific questions about Passenger counting System agents, please contact us for specific cooperation details


8: Is People counter easy to install? Does your People counter sensor support integration?

*The installation of my Automatic passenger counting is very simple. We will provide detailed installation and operation manuals and videos of the counter, and provide technical remote assistance installation, etc.

Both end users and intermediaries can quickly grasp the operation and installation of the Automatic Passenger counting system

Our Passenger head counter supports integration, we can provide free API, SKD, Protocol and other documents


9: What payment methods and shipping methods do you have?

Our Automated Occupancy counter supports various payment methods, such as TT bank, Paypal, Alipay, Wechat, western Union, credit card, etc.

Our Building Occupancy Counter supports various transportation methods, such as Vessel, truck, Airline, international Express, train, etc.


10: Do you require the purchase quantity of Store Occupancy Counter ? How about your people counter price?

* Our Occupancy Counter MOQ supports 1 sample test

Our different People counting devices have different sales prices, which can meet the different purchase budgets of different customers. For specific prices, please contact us for a quotation

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