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  • I004 Ink Tag
  • I004 Ink Tag

I004 Ink Tag

Opis: Konusna etiketa sa mastilom

Dimenzija: F50mm

Frekvencija: 8.2MHz/1.95MHz/58KHz/66KHz ili prilagođeno

boja: Bela ili prilagođena

Brava: Standardna/super brava 

Pakiranje: 500kom / kom, 8KG, 0.028CBM 

  • Informacije o proizvodu

Ink tag is hung on the clothing/ bags/ shoes/ hats and other products to anti-theft. 

Force removal will release Ink and may cause injury clothing, so the goods can't be used nor sell again. Ink tag can protect the goods strongly. 

Different ink tags are available in Highlight: