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  • HPC086 Brojač putnika u autobusu
  • HPC086 Brojač putnika u autobusu

HPC086 Brojač putnika u autobusu

HPC086 Brojač putnika u autobusu

GPRS transmission

GPR praćenje

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Highlight people and passengers counters are compact and autonomous devices based on non-contact stereoscopic vision technology. 


They have been designed for passenger counting above the doorways of buses and rolling stocks,


as well as to count people as they enter or leave buildings or any area with restricted access.



Prednosti uvođenja sistema za brojanje putnika: 


• Upoređivanje i provjera podataka o naplati karata sa brojem putnika 


• Potvrđivanje broja putnika kako bi se opravdala plaćanja prema transportnim kompanijama 


• Planiranje održavanja i čišćenja na osnovu upotrebe vozila 


• Optimiziranje opterećenja vozila u različitim regijama, vremenskim periodima ili drugim faktorima 


• Praćenje kvaliteta usluge





Power Supply

DC8V - 40V

Vehicle Door Width

40 cm ---- 130 cm

Vehicle Door Height

1.8 m ---- 2.4 m

Processing Delay

100 ms

Tip prenosa

RS232 ili RS485

Transmission Baud Rate

9600 bps

The Fastest Speed of Passenger Flow           

 2.7 m / s                          

Minimum Detection Height

80 cm

Daily Average Accuracy

> 90%

Temperatura ambijenta

-20 - +65℃

Vlažnost okoline


















Osnovna konfiguracija 



1. Sensor (HPC086-S)


Mounted on the ceiling of the door, counts people get in or out of the bus.


2. Processor (HPC086-P)


Collect and process data then send to SD card storage module or GPRS mudule.

3. Kabl za prenos podataka


Connect the hosts of front and rear doors


 4. Gate control switch (HPC086-M)


Gate control switch is used for controlling the processor to work or not, when magnetic field around gate controlled switch,


the signal light of magnetic switch will on then sensor stop counting.

Signal light on shows door close,                              light off shows door open. 


sensor stop counting.                                                  sensor start counting


Optional solution


1. SD card storage (HPC086-SD)


Data only stored in the SD card, data can be pulled out from SD card to computer for check directly.   This solution suit for no wifi and no GPRS in the bus.

SD card.jpg


2. GPRS module(HPC086-G)


Data will be transferred to server through the GPRS module real-time, in this solution, GPRS is needed in the bus,


and need GPRS software to check data in background.  This solution suit for no wifi in the bus or bus station.


3. Network Module (HPC086-N)


This solution suit for wifi available in the bus, data transferred from Network module to the server directly.   


Network software (HPC086-NS) is needed in this solution.


4. Wifi Network Module


This solution suit for wifi only available in the bus station, not available in the bus.


Firstly, a Wifi Module (HPC086-W) need to be installed in the bus, then install the Network Module (HPC086-N) in the bus station.

When bus stopped in station, Wifi Module will connect the Network Module automatically, then data will be transferred to the server directly.



O Highlightu

Highlight is one of the earliest supplier of people counter in China. We developed infrared people counter in the begining, and then kept to update it to support a better products to our customers. Now, for infrared people counter, the accuracy rate can get 95%. 


To meet different requirements from customers, camera people counter is ready now. High accuracy rate, easy installation, detailed report chart, can be integrated into POS/ ERP system, 24 hours on-line support make it really popular now.


Now, we are searching agency all over the world. For our agency, there are many privilege of price, tech support and so on. 


Dobrodošli da nam se pridružite! 



Our latest 3D passenger counter, please click the photo for more information



Different models of people counter for different stores: