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Anti-theft milk can cover

Description: Anti-theft milk can cover 

Outer diameter: 16.7 cm 

Inner diameter: 15.3 cm 

Height: 3.9cm 

Frequency: 8.2MHz/58KHz/both

Color: Transparent

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Why do you need anti-theft protection for milk powder cans?

Milk powder stored in milk tanks tends to sell for high prices. Especially in large and medium-sized supermarkets.

The supermarket has a large passenger flow, a large area, a lot of goods,etc. Shop owner can't deploy enough people to prevent theft.

Although monitoring devices are installed, However the theft cannot be reduced, so we should attach great importance to the issue of stop loss.

Anti-theft in supermarkets is mainly to prevent theft of valuables, including milk powder, wine, health food, electronic equipment, etc.

If these products are lost, the loss is enormous.

This latest milk powder protection cover can be installed not only on the bottom, but also on the top.

So that the milk powder cans can be stacked on top of each other.

Which fully saves the space of the display rack.


Choose anti-theft milk can cover, another point is because the milk can is more special than the general product packaging,

It is cylindrical. If the milk can is locked in the display cabinet

Will cause the product information cannot be fully displayed, it often fails to bring a good experience to customers and thus affects the purchase rate.

Highlight company continues to develop and innovate, and continues to launch the latest style, the color is transparent milk can protection cover,

The detailed parameters of the milk powder will not bring any visual obstruction to the buyer, what's more the milk can opening can be firmly locked to prevent theft.

This milk can cover can be installed on both the top and bottom of the milk powder if deemed necessary.



Benefits of EAS Milk can protection cover

* Customers will have a better shopping experience when they understand the product

   Because they can see and touch products more intuitively, rather than across a display counter

* Product safety is guaranteed, and the risk of theft is greatly reduced

* Easy to use and employees are confident they will stay in good shape during the packaging process.

* Sales will have more energy to sell more products than to provide display services for fixed display racks.



FAQ for milk can protection cover

 1.How to choose the suitable milk can protection cover ?

Firstly, the frequency of EAS milk canmilk can protection cover must be same with that of the

EAS alarm antenna at the entrance.Usually have 3 type for choice , AM58khz,RF8.2 mhz or Dual freuquency.

Secondly,The standard milk powder cans on the market have a capacity of 900g,800g 400g,Large capacity

Choose large size,small size for small capacity

 2.Can our logo be printed on the milk can safer cover?

Yes. Logo printing is available for eas milk can safer. Just let us know your specific requirements,Such as logo size, color etc.

 3. Is eas milk can safer recyle use?

Yes. milk can safer With AM/RF ferrite inside, eas magnetic milk can safer can be used for long time.

 4. How to move milk bottle tag from milk can?

milk bottle tag is opened by a magnetic detacher. Usually, 1pc magnetic detacher per cashier desk is enough.

 5. What is your MOQ for eas magnetic milk can safer?

MOQ for eas magnetic milk can safer  is 100 pcs, equal to one carton. Sample testing is welcome.


Factory show for milk can tag

Please click the below photo for more milk can safer







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