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  • AI people counter counting traffic in crowds
  • AI people counter counting traffic in crowds

AI people counter counting traffic in crowds

1. Based on IA technology

2. The maximum field: can reach 20 meters

3. Environment-reference

4. Human-detection

5. target identification, tracking, counting and control locally

6. HD video monitoring function

7. IP65 waterproof design,support  outdoors use

8. Supports learning and calibration of specific targets
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What is AI People counter ?

As an professional people counter supplier, We supply different types people counter for clients.

AI People counter series has built-in AI processing chip, which can independently complete target recognition, tracking, counting and control locally. It can be used for passenger flow statistics, area management, overcrowding control, anti-tailing control and other scenarios. It can be used on a stand-alone computer or on the Internet. It is a commercial retail Managers of industries, tourism, parks, etc. make decisions to provide passenger flow data support, and can provide intelligent security control solutions for banking, road transportation and other industries.
The AI ​​people counter has two shapes, a square shell and a round shell for customers to choose according to their own preferences. The shells of the two AI people counters are both IP66 waterproof and can be used outdoors. Precision statistics. AI people counter can be installed at any angle, and the probability of being affected under backlight, backlight or sunlight is extremely low. It can automatically filter the shadow of the target. The image sensor with extremely high sensitivity can be normal even if there is weak ambient light at night. Work. When the HPC series AI People counter cannot accurately identify the target under a specific angle, the target learning and training can be used to increase the target sample to improve the recognition rate.




HIGHLIGHT AI People counting Models

Its software is divided into two versions according to different detection requirements. 

One is mainly to strengthen the tracking function, which is used to record the number of people passing in the designated area.

And the other is to strengthen the recognition ability, which is mainly used to identify the number of people staying in the designated area.

So HPC200 and HPC201 are divided into four models for your choices

HPC200: AI people counter (to count “in & out”number)

HPC200S: AI people counter (to count “Stay”number)

HPC201: AI people counter (to count “in & out”number)

HPC201S: AI people counter (to count “Stay”number)




How to install the AI People counter?

1. Installation angle of AI People counter

AI People counter uses human contours or human head shapes for target recognition, and supports target detection in any horizontal direction.

It is recommended that the horizontal angle of AI People counter should not exceed 45 degrees. When the horizontal angle is greater than 45 degrees, the target recognition rate may decrease.


2.Target background

AI People counter shot the scene of the environment without people called the target background.

Try to choose an open, flat environment that can distinguish the target and the background with the naked eye,

avoid fixed objects in the black or dark environment, and avoid the target and the background from being unable to distinguish normally.


3.Target occlusion

The AI People counter recognizes the target by relying on the AI algorithm for contour calculation.

When the occluded area of the target is larger than 1/2 of the target area, the AI algorithm can perform the compensation algorithm mode.

When the target is occluded more than 2/3, the target tracking may be short. Time lost.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider the target occlusion as much as possible during installation






Software of AI people counting

AI People counter has a built-in WEB page, you can view the real-time dynamic picture and the target recognition effect, and the installation angle or installation position can be adjusted according to the recognition effect. Through a local area network or using a crossover network cable, you can directly connect the test computer network card to the AI People counter, and the computer uses a browser to access the AI People counter's default IP addressAfter logging in, you can define your own statistical area, set the type of passenger flow, report function management, system settings, etc.We will provide you with detailed operating instructions or provide remote online support







1. Can i use this AI people counter for count cars?

A: Yes, for our AI people counter, there is no problem with counting people or vehicles; it can also detect people in different areas.

2. I saw two AI people counting system with different shapes, do they have different functions?

A: We have two shapes for this AI people counting system for you choose, square and round, you can choose what you like, and specific functions can be set and customized according to your requirements

3. Can this AI people counting device be used outdoors?

A: Yes, for this AI people counting device is IP65 waterproof, can be installed outdoors for count vehicles or people

4. Is this human counter easy to install and set up?

A: The installation of human counter is very easy, manual and guide will be provided for you, we also have professional after sales service and IT support.

5. Is it possible to count in a crowded environment?

A: Our people counters have been successfully installed in many crowded environments, such as shopping malls and retail & chain stores