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  • 1.54 inch supermarket display shelf labels electronic price tag
  • 1.54 inch supermarket display shelf labels electronic price tag

1.54 inch supermarket display shelf labels electronic price tag

e-paper smart  esl label

Size:48mm(H) x36.5mm(V)x13.5mm(D)

Display color:Black, white, yellow


Operating temperature:0~40℃

Operating humidity: less than 75%

Battery life:5 years

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What is the electronic price tag:

With the electronic price tag presents a rapid growth. The system uses E-ink ,electronic paper display and ultra-low-power wireless networking technology to provide a electronic price tag system solution suitable for the retail industry and helps supermarkets Realize paperless management,product information management, refined inventory management


Products features:

1: Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: electronic price tag Display of clear and easy to read labels,Avert products being mispriced or mislabelled ,Accurate pricing means fewer price disputes, Reduction in check-out time caused by price checks

2: Improved Corporate Image: Customer confidence in price integrity,Projections of technology-save image, Optimize promotional visibility by ensuring all products have the right price at the right time and place with electronic shelf labels

3: Improved Price Management: Price at cashier is same as price at shelf, Allows company to practice dynamic pricing e.g: Promotional price during Happy Hour, Different pricing at different time of day, Pricing is updated speedily and seamlessly e.g: Pricing can be updated quickly in response to a competitor.


How the electronic price tag  works:


Electronic price tag communication technology: 

Efficiency: 30 minutes for less than 20000pcs

Success Rate: 100%

Transmission Technology: Radio frequency 433MHz, Anti-interference from mobile phone and other WIFI equipments.

Transmission Range: Cover 30-50 meters area.

Display Template: Customizable, dot matrix image display is supported.

Operating Temperature: 0 ℃ ~40 ℃ for normal tag,-25 ℃~15 ℃ for tag used in Frozen environment.

Communication and Interaction: Two-way communication, real-time interaction

Electronic shelf labels Product Standby Time: 5 years, battery can be replaced.

System Docking: Text, Excel, Intermediate Data Import Table, Customized development and so on is supported.

Data receiver base station :

The owner modifies the product price, picture and other information on the computer software

Then sends the modified instruction content to the base station.

The base station will responsible for transmitting the signal and content to the tag to complete the modification.



3 type software for choice:


Demo software:


Standalone software:





 Network software:




Electronic price tag size:

              Diagonal Size       Height Pixel(mm)        Width Pixel(mm)
1.54'' 152 152
 2.13''  104 212
2.9''  128 292
                     4.2''  300 400
                     7.5''  384 640

The current electronic price tag screen has three-color specifications:

1:  Black-White

2:  Black-Red-White

3:  Black-Yellow-White


Electronic price tag application:


electronic price tag is used by retailers to display product price and information on the shelves.

They are typically attached to the front edge of a retail shelf and use a e-paper screen display to display

the product information.The product price displayed on an electronic label is automatically updated

whenever a price is changed.