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  • 2.13 inch frozen smart  electronic shelf labels
  • 2.13 inch frozen smart  electronic shelf labels

2.13 inch frozen smart electronic shelf labels

e-paper smart  esl label

Size:66mm(H) x36.5mm(V)x13.5mm(D)

Display color:Black, white, red


Operating temperature:-25 ℃~15 ℃

Operating humidity: less than 75%

Battery life:5 years

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What is the electronic shelf labels:

With the smart electronic shelf label presents a rapid growth. The system uses E-ink ,electronic paper display and ultra-low-power wireless networking technology to provide a electronic shelf labels system solution suitable for the retail industry and helps supermarkets Realize paperless management,product information management, refined inventory management

Products features:

1: Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Electronic shelf labels Display of clear and easy to read labels,Avert products being mispriced or mislabelled ,Accurate pricing means fewer price disputes, Reduction in check-out time caused by price checks

2: Improved Corporate Image: Customer confidence in price integrity,Projections of technology-save image, Optimize promotional visibility by ensuring all products have the right price at the right time and place with electronic shelf labels

3: Improved Price Management: Price at cashier is same as price at shelf, Allows company to practice dynamic pricing e.g: Promotional price during Happy Hour, Different pricing at different time of day, Pricing is updated speedily and seamlessly e.g: Pricing can be updated quickly in response to a competitor.


How the electronic shelf labels  works:


Electronic shelf labels  communication technology: 

Efficiency: 30 minutes for less than 20000pcs

Success Rate: 100%

Transmission Technology: Radio frequency 433MHz, Anti-interference from mobile phone and other WIFI equipments.

Transmission Range: Cover 30-50 meters area.

Display Template: Customizable, dot matrix image display is supported.

Operating Temperature: 0 ℃ ~40 ℃ for normal tag,-25 ℃~15 ℃ for tag used in Frozen environment.

Communication and Interaction: Two-way communication, real-time interaction

Electronic shelf labels Product Standby Time: 5 years, battery can be replaced.

System Docking: Text, Excel, Intermediate Data Import Table, Customized development and so on is supported.


Electronic shelf labels 3 type software for choice:

Demo software:



Standalone software:

Network software:



Electronic shelf labels size:

              Diagonal Size       Height Pixel(mm)        Width Pixel(mm)
 1.54'' 152 152
   2.13''  104 212
2.9''  128 292
                     4.2''  300 400
                     7.5''  384 640

The current electronic shelf labels screen has three-color specifications:

1:  Black-White

2:  Black-Red-White

3:  Black-Yellow-White


Electronic shelf labels application:


Electronic shelf label is used by retailers to display product price and information on the shelves.

They are typically attached to the front edge of a retail shelf and use a e-paper screen display to display

the product information.The product price displayed on an electronic label is automatically updated

whenever a price is changed.