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Тел: 400-021-9985
  • H013-54 RF tag

H013-54 RF tag

Описание: RF Tag

измерение: ФХNUMXmm

частота: 8.2MHz / 1.95MHz / 58KHz / 66KHz / 60KHz или настроенный

цвет: Черный, белый, серый или настроенный

упаковка: 500 шт / ctn, 10KG, 0.028CBM

  • Информация о продукте

RF tag used together with the pin and lanyard to attach to the goods. When the theft take the goods and pass the eas antenna, RF tag will trigger the alarm.

H013-54 RF tag is golf tag, which include the pin. It has three size: 45mm, 54mm and 63mm. The surface can be smooth and solf surface.

Most magnetic detacher can open RF tag.