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Тел: 400-021-9985
  • Тег A050 VST

Тег A050 VST

Описание: VST tag

измерение: 59 * * 30 18.5mm

частота:58KHz VST tag

цвет: Белый, серый или настроенный

упаковка: 1000 шт / ctn, 8KG, 0.03CBM

  • Информация о продукте

A050 VST Tag is one of sensormatic super tag family. The full name of VST tag is visible source tag. Most VST tag is disposble tag, that is because of the plastic locker inside. Same with another sensormatic tag, VST tag should be opened by special detacher (D017, D018 and D019 in Highlight).

Now, resuable VST tag with ferrite inside is also available in Highlight.

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EAS Detacher for VST tag: