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  • Stoplock for double hook

Stoplock for double hook

Modelo no .: SL006

Descrição:Stoplock for Dual Hook

Dimensão: 45 35 * * 17mm

Diâmetro do buraco:35mm

Bloquear:Bloqueio magnético

Cor: Preto ou personalizado

  • Informação do produto

Stoplock for double hook mainly used for locking the end of the shelf hook to avoid people to move the merchandise out of the hook.

It is for display sales of big malls, chain shops, exhibition places, digital shops, etc. Stoplock not only has wonderful display effect, but also can avoid theft & damage.

SL006 Stoplock for double hook is a special stoplock of for dual display hook. Color is customized.

Existem modelos 6 stoplock em Destaque agora.

Para gancho único: SL001, SL002, SL003, SL005

Para ganchos duplos: SL004 e SL006

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