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  • A013 Super Tag II

A013 Super Tag II

Descripción: Super Tag II

Dimensión: 84 30 * * 18mm

Frecuencia: 58KHz

Color: Blanco, gris o personalizado

Embalaje: 500pcs / ctn, 8KG, 0.028CBM

  • Información del producto

A013 Super Tag II is one of sensormatic super tag family. Super tag II is with matal glass inside and special locker, which shoud be opened by special detacher (D017, D018 and D019 in Highlight). Super tag II is reusable security tags and must be removed at the cashier by eas detacher. Once deactivated and removed, they are saved for future application to merchandise.

There are different EAS Tags in Highlight:


EAS Detacher for super tag II:


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